Are you an Amazon Echo or Echo dot owner? Would you like to be able to just tell Alexa

“Turn on my jacuzzi and heat it to 104” ?

Well now you can. The three major pool equipment manufacturers; Hayward, Jandy and Pentair, now offer connections through their pool automation systems to Amazon Alexa, Google home and some of the other smart speakers.

In the nearly 30 years that I have been helping people with their pools and spas in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley California, I have heard just about every concern a homeowner could voice regarding their pool or spa.? (I haven’t yet had a customer call me because someone drove a vehicle into their pool, but I’ve seen pictures).? The most often heard concern of course is some variant of “help! my water is green”.? But certainly somewhere in the top 5 is “my family members can’t figure out how to turn on the spa”.? This seems to be a concern regardless of whether the latest automation is installed or whether there is a complex routine of manual valves and switches to activate.? Don’t you wish someone would come up with a solution that works for the whole family?

Enter the smart speaker.? Whether you have an Amazon Echo or Dot, a Google Home Max or Mini, or some other variant, this new technology aims to simplify and make accessible? the many wonderful technologies you have around your home including your Spa and Swimming pool!

To make this work, you? only need a smart speaker and a compatible pool automation system such as Hayward Omnilogic, Pentair Intellitouch or Easytouch, or Jandy Iaqualink.? Once the automation system is installed and configured, you simply download a “skill” for Amazon or use the computer interface to choose the right item to automate for Google home. After it’s configured, just speak and your bidding will be done!? (Be careful what you ask for).

In this 5 part series I will review Smart speaker compatible offerings by each of the major pool automation manufacturers and make some recommendations based on existing equipment and features.? While you are waiting for part 2, check out these links to Amazon Alexa skills to see what kind of commands you can use on your swimming pool:

Hayward Omnilogic skill for Amazon Echo

Pentair Screenlogic skill for Amazon Echo


We will go into detail about each of the systems in future installments, but I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to mention that Hayward has a great bundle right now that gets you an energy saving variable speed pump AND pool automation (including Alexa connectivity) that will control your pool and spa and lights at an amazing price. Check out the video below and contact me if you are in Huntington Beach or Fountain Valley California and are ready to take advantage of this great offer.