Today I was in Huntington Beach looking at a Hayward – Goldline Aqua Rite?salt chlorine generator with a No flow error. Originally I thought that the?flow sensor was bad and replaced it. This solved the problem for only a few?minutes, then the flow indicator light reverted to a solid red glow.?Examining the plumbing, I realized that the spa make-up line, instead of?being plumbed between the pool return line and the spa return line, was?plumbed from the line feeding the return valve to the spa return line.?Normally this is not a problem, but in this case, the flow sensor fitting?was plumbed after this Tee, so that the flow sensor was not measuring all of?the water running through the system. So if I throttled down the make-up?line, I could get the flow sensor to work, but no circulation to the spa. If?I opened it up for nice flow over the spa spillway, the no flow indicator?would glow. It looks like it’s time to replumb the Flow Tee before the?make-up line, especially because I just installed a new Jandy VS FloPro?Variable Speed pump.

Tony Miller

Miller Pool Service