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My site has been down for months, and I’ve been too busy fixing pools to resolve the issue, but I just got my A record C name something-or-other straightened out, and all seems to be working properly again.  Recent significant projects include interfacing a Jandy VS Flopro with an older version JJ Aqualink RS4.  The handy discovery here is that there is a spare auxiliary relay jack on the back of the RS4 main board that can be linked to the spa mode via the on-board dip switches with the result that the relay can be used to automatically turn the speed up on the variable speed pump when spa mode is activated. Afer a little more thought I realized that the filter relay could be used in the same manner to drive the main filter speed, leaving the Aqualink RS4 entirely in control of the Jandy VS-FHP2.0, making the interface invisible to anyone using an indoor one-touch or spa-side control.  The method originally recommended to me by Jandy tech support was to use the E-control’s on-board timers, but this method seems much more straight-forward.  However, the wiring from the Aqualink’s relays must connect to the E-control, so it cannot be physically eliminated from the equipment.  I just need to find a place to tuck it away.